What Constitutes Work When Your Self Employed

02/12/2016 15:05

It isnt hard to see why we get into this work-equals-cash mindset. We've been living with that concept since we were kids.

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Consider it. What was your first job? Did you cut grass to get a neighbor? Didnt you get cash after you had done the work? Of course, you did. He wasnt paying one to believe...he was paying one to cut grass.

When you got older and got work in the local burger joint, you got paid for cooking hamburgers and French Fries. You cooked the burgers and chips and then you got paid. Word did in fact equal cash.

The owner of the burger joint wasnt paying you to find a better way to cook burgers or paying one to try to find a fresh marketplace to sell burgers.

But now you're not getting paid for doing the task. The work isnt what exactly is making money for you as is the case when you read a nice VidPro review.

It's a fact that the work must still be done but you dont need to look for it. It will locate you. What you need to be searching for now will be the deals which will make you money.

What's work? The work that produces any business work is merely the everyday actions that must be accomplished in order for the business to function.

E-mails have to be read and responded to. Files must be kept orderly. The list goes on and on but this is merely work.

Nobody will pay you to answer the telephone, read emails or keep files in order. That's just work that has to be done. It'snt making you any money and it most definitely is really not what you ought to be focused upon.

Once an online marketing company has gotten up and running, this is a very good investment to just pay a virtual assistant to do the work and set yourself free to make the deals that actually make you money and make your internet marketing business flourish.

It's possible for you to spend hours and hours and hours of your time working on your own site....making it better...tweaking this and tweaking that. That is work that's not placing a single red cent into your bank account.

Hire a techie to do that work for you personally while you're making deals that make more than enough to pay the techie.

Until you are able to hire someone to do that work for you, get it fixed as best you can and move on the productive deal making.

How many hours are you currently spending each day composing and making posts to your sites? Is this time actually making any money for you?

No, needless to say, it'snt. It's merely work.

Customer service is totally essential work that has to be done. It has to be done quickly and economically and above all competently.

It may even be work that in the beginning at least that you have to do yourself.

You will find yet companies and individuals out there in cyber space that are absolutely capable of handling this work for you and you dont have to make it harder than it needs to be.

What Constitutes Making Deals?

Yes, it is completely true that the work has to be done, but the work that must be done should be performed as fast and as economically as possible and you shouldnt concentrate your energy on finding and creating more work that isnt going to making any cash for you.

You have to be focusing your attention on making the deals which will earn money.

Just as soon as you possibly can, you should begin to employ folks to do the mundane jobs that have to be accomplished and free up as much of your time as possible for deal making.

So what exactly are the activities that constitute deal making? Briefly and concisely they're the actions that possess the capacity for putting money in your bank account. A couple of the activities are:

2. See sites that are associated with your website. That is really where you'll discover your possible joint venture partners.

3. Start your own newsletter or E zine: This is among the very most potentially profitable deals which you can make for yourself.

4. Attend seminars in the brick and mortar world and build great strong business relationships with others in your arena. Here again are possible joint venture partners that you have to take the time to educate.

5. Put together your own webinar or teleseminar: Find fascinating speakers who supply information of interest to your own list. Webinars and teleseminars are both easy and inexpensive to do and are both money making deals which you can make.